Do I have to buy a microphone?

PerfectNotes® requires a microphone for you to record your classes. Many computers have a built-in microphone. Try PerfectNotes® with your existing mic first. If you have tried the suggestions below and are still having problems, you may need to purchase an exernal microphone. Click here for a printable shopping guide of inexpensive and tested microphones.

In general:

  1. No mic is as good as the human ear, so make sure to record in a place the conversation may be easily heard.
  2. When you start recording a class, you can use earbuds and play back your recording to make sure you are getting good audio.
  3. Playback with earbuds is usually better than a laptop's speakers. If you are having a hard time hearing a recording, try using earbuds
  4. Sit near the front or in a quiet part of the room.
  5. If you are using a microphone that plugs into your computer, it is important to place the mic as far away from the notebook fan as possible. If the fan is on only when needed, make sure to test the mic with the fan on.


Does PerfectNotes® work on a Mac?

Unfortunately, the Mac version is still under development. We are going to be releasing a Mac version, but we do not have a release date at this moment. If you would like to be notified when it is available, please let us know.


PerfectNotes® and Netbook Computers

A hot new trend in PC's this school year is netbook computers. Small and lightweight, they fit perfectly into a student's backpack. Because they are so inexpensive, they can be a great option for students on a budget. PefectNotes® software has been tested and does work on Netbooks. However, if you have not yet purchased yours, we have some recommendations:

  • Buy the largest size monitor you can. The smaller monitors are difficult to work with. Also try to get one with as large a keyboard as possible. It makes typing much easier.
  • It is a good idea to upgrade the RAM. It will help all applications, not just PerfectNotes® software.
  • Many netbooks come with a microphone, but they are geared towards using it for Skype or other video chat programs. Most built-in microphones will not work for recording in a room. You will probably have to purchase another microphone.
  • Look for the longest battery life.


Volume Control in Windows Vista,7,8,10

Use the volume control found on your task bar to adjust the volume.

What If I Want a CD?
When you download the file PerfectNotes_setup.exe, save it to a location you'll remember, then burn it onto a CD. You can also save the file to a USB drive. If you purchased the full version you should also save the licensing information that can be used to convert the it to the full program.


To Contact Us:

If you need technical support while using PerfectNotes® software, pull down the "Help" menu and select "Contact Us". This will send your question with some basic information that can help us more easily answer you.

This is the easiest way to diagnose your problem and help you efficiently.

Phone: 1-866-663-5793 or 1-801-788-4572