PerfectNotes® software. Get everything there is to get from every class you go to.

PerfectNotes® turns the classes you attend into the A-Grades you deserve.
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  • a real-time sound recording of each class with
  • a visual timeline you can bookmark at key moments and
  • written notes you type as you go
PerfectNotes® ensures you leave every class with a dynamic and grade-raising record of what you heard, what you thought and... just as important...what you missed.

PerfectNotes® software—A lecture recording and note taking tool for great grades.

Track back through your recording and your notes then and home that night ...or weeks later when you're reviewing for exams.

download_buttonWith PerfectNotes®, the class is there for you again whenever you need it... guaranteeing you Perfect understanding.

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How well you do depends on how much you understand from your classes and lectures. Ordinary note taking distracts you from what's being said and makes it hard to ask questions or take part in discussions. PerfectNotes® gives you your own, reliveable multimedia record of every word spoken in every class... along with every point, idea and question you noted at the time.